Let us look at this in the way Indians do… In India, we have a wet kitchen concept; Indians tend to use a lot of water and liquids to clean their kitchens. Plywood, particle Boards (third generation wood) and the fronts made of medium density fibreboard (MDF) gets soggy and degenerates in short period of times. Whereas, steel modules last forever; water or liquids of any kind never affect steel.

The need of the hour was to innovate and invent ready to assemble stainless steel cabinet modules. These are now available ex-Stock for the Indian Modular Kitchen Industry & is surely a blessing to Indian Modular Kitchen manufacturer.

  • The highlight of our innovation is that any regular carpenter can easily assemble a kitchen, choose and use a whole range of available hardware of international or Indian origin. This I because our stainless steel modules are compatible with many brands in the Indian subcontinent. .
  • These can be set up using the same traditional methodology followed by a locally available carpenter in India.
  • We make our cabinetry robust and they last forever. Not just that, it also comes with the convenience of changing hardware and fronts whenever desired. In short, upscaling and downscaling of functional hardware is possible without any wear and tear of joinery or slots provided for fitment of hardware.
  • The properties of stainless steel are superior to that of laminates and engineered wood; our cabinets are engineered with precision & perfection with an objective to house mechanisms in System 32 Holes.
  • Present wood based cabinets are prone to inherent problems; bulging, de-formation, growth of fungus and mushrooms when exposed to damp. Also, they attract pests, rodents, lizards, cockroaches and other unsolicited pests. They are also prone to hazards originating from saline (salty) weather conditions, fire, etc.
  • A dangerously hazard is from the harmful emissions of formaldehyde used in engineered wood. Food in our kitchens tend to absorb these emissions from plywood & particle boards with laminates.
  • This in-depth understanding of nuances in the Indian Kitchen industry gave rise to TUSKER
  • Tusker offers a range of innovative & revolutionary modular kitchen cabinets made with Stainless Steel Three Zero Four (SS 304) standards, which is a god-send to the Indian modular kitchen Industry. The thought was to simplify, negate hazards, increase longevity and make it affordable.

Yes… Stainless Steel in 304 Grade is, by far the best, due to its inherent benefits. Its termite free, easily washable with water, emission free, everlasting and is eco-friendly, non-combustible and above all, enhances functionality of hardware in Indian kitchens.

Absolutely! It’s easy and simple. We, at Tusker have a patented product which is totally appropriate for easy installation. Our cabinets are used, and the rest of the mechanisms are made with hardware and constructed from particleboards used by carpenters today. Basically, it is a perfect marriage of wood and stainless steel. Screws are also universally available, which are of M4 in stainless steel.

We offer a ‘Life Time Guarantee’ on stainless steel cabinets against deterioration, as the materials we use are robust and strong. The design and construction of the cabinetry is precise and perfect.

As SS 304 Grade Tusker cabinets come with pre-machined slots & holes as per System 32, it’s easy to assemble functional hardware at any point of time with ease even after a few decades. The present-day carpenter or installer can easily do this by fitting hardware into the readily available System 32 holes, which compliments friction free usage at your kitchen space.

We have modules available off the shelf. What’s more, we’re in the process of establishing a wonderful network to back our services across the country.

The kitchen provider has to simply procure the modules and install them based on the design chosen & fit the hardware in the cabinet; the screws used are M4 Thread. In short, the present carpenter also can easily replace conventional cabinetry with SS Modules as the sequence of installation is the same after the modules are assembled, and the thread insert collars are fitted in the desired holes for fixing of hardware

The cost impact of including SS Modules is anywhere between 10% and 30% initially. This spend is offset by the longevity and advantages. The kitchen maker, installer and customer benefit, as they negate human errors in drilling distance measurements, transportation time, storage space, saving valuable time for all.

  • Once done, a modular kitchen installer/carpenter can master assembly of these modules with ease, a everything else is similar to presently used methods.
    • Tusker modules are made for rapid assembly, as all predrilled & machined holes not only assist assembly but also are compatible with any hardware chosen. Cabinet connecting screws can be fastened in the unused linear holes.
    • The modules come in a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) form; they need to be assembled with a specialized tool used for rivets & thread inserts of a specific size for the M4 screws.
    • Once the modules are arranged as per the desired layout & spirit levels are set, functional elements can be fitted using conventional procedures. The thread inserts provided are compatible with universal M4 screws for firm fitting of chosen hardware within the cabinet.

Our stainless steel modules are worthy solutions for homes & coveted terrace kitchen gardens, even in coastal regions. They serves as impeccable cabinetry, for both in-door and out-door kitchens, especially for the wet concept of kitchens that Indians need.
• Tusker Cabinets are crafted from Inert Stainless Steel of Three Zero Four (304) Grade, ensuring pest free, rust Free, non-Hazardous, non-Toxic and eco-friendly kitchen cabinetry.
• TUSKER is a one-stop-solution, brought about by decades of experience and is designed to near perfection, and are patent pending. Most of our designs have been forwarded for legal protection as Intellectual Property.
• Tusker has the distinction of being accurate in dimensions. It is durable, reliable, and is guaranteed for 10 years against rusting and above all, it is Truly Modular.
• Each module of TUSKER Steel cabinetry is independent, retrofit ready and reusable.  It conforms to International Standard System 32 Drilling Provisions, with serial-in-line pre-machined hole-matrix, which can accommodate any branded kitchen functional hardware with seamless precision, ensuring easy installation within few hours without any need for drilling and welding

  • TUSKER Steel cabinets are strengthened with stiffeners at the sidewalls for stability, with inbuilt provisions for drawing gas pipes and electrical wires for internal cabinet lighting. They are made with state-of-the-art technologies, easing installation and upgrading or downgrading functional hardware for rapid, accurate and firm installation at site. The draw and shutter fronts can be of any substrate being used presently. This applies to the end panel for cladding also.
    • All fastening of Tusker modules are with rivets and come with provisions for thread insertion of M-Four (M4) screws. These are of the same standards used in Aviation, Marine and Rail Industries – ensuring durability.
    • TUSKER cabinets are developed by dedicated & experienced engineers with more than 60 man years of combined experience in the kitchen industry, keeping in mind, the ease of assembly at the kitchen. A strong and accurate cabinetry is necessary for ideal geometric perfection.
    TUSKER provides distinct kitchen cabinets that are best suited to the Five Work Zones required in any Modular Kitchen:

1) Cooking

2) Cleaning
3) Consumables
4) Non- Consumables

5) Preparation

  • TUSKER cabinets come in different widths, is precisely measured in millimetres for best accuracy and geometric precision.

Not really, but again, no product is perfect and there is always room for improvement. We, at Tusker are constantly upgrading and improving our cabinetry by adding new sizes, which are need-based.

Tusker Modules cannot be customized on site and alterations are difficult as the properties of SS 304 are very robust and strong.