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Visualize this – A gigantic Indian Elephant charging through the woods.
Wild, yet magnificent! That’s the Tusker-Kitchen cabinet makers in India, our inspiration: Uprooting the old and making way for the new.
Tusker introduces a scintillating kitchen experience that echoes the Tusker’s immeasurable strength, captivating grace, and beauty.
Feel like a world-class chef in your own home with maintenance-free, fully customizable, stainless steel 304-grade kitchen cabinets from Tusker…

The Tusker Team

Let’s Explore The Primacy Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets


Stainless steel 304 grade kitchen cabinets, being an alloy, and austenitic steel is high in tensile strength with strong corrosion resistance and robust life.
No deterioration like wood in any condition. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are moisture-proof and damp free, can be easily wiped to dry.
Patent applied and first of its kind Products are designed and engineered by renowned professionals from the industry. As stainless steel kitchen cabinets does not have the absorbent property, the product function stays well in all conditions.
100% hygiene as there is no chemical emission at joints. No adhesive to paste laminates or to join edge banding. No compression of different materials and no bad odour. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets ensures the best hygiene standards.The world's best HACCP standard kitchens are stainless steel kitchens.
The cabinets outlive human life since its being manufactured with SS 304 grade materials. Yes… Stainless Steel kitchen cabinets in 304 Grade is, by far the best, due to its inherent benefits. Its termite-free, easily washable with water, emission-free, everlasting and is eco-friendly, non-combustible and above all, enhances the functionality of hardware in Indian kitchens.
Stainless steel kitchen cabinets cannot catch fire. These smart kitchens are also resistant to fire, which means that you can take pleasure in a safer cooking experience.
It stands out for its aesthetic properties. The shine and charm of stainless steel kitchen cabinets can change the look and feel of your cabinet. With an exceptional level of designs, our commodities are adorned by all our customers and have amazed their neighbours/visitors.
As stainless steel 304 Grade kitchen cabinets from tusker comes with pre-machined slots & holes as per System 32, it’s easy to assemble functional hardware at any point of time with ease even after a few decades. The present-day carpenter or installer can easily do this by fitting hardware into the readily available System 32 holes, which compliments friction-free usage in your kitchen space.

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India has a rich culinary heritage. We’re the only country that can boast of 

Indian Kitchen Congress Award 2019: Most Innovative Kitchen Product  It’s an immense pleasure for Tusker to get awarded for the most innovative

Indian kitchens in the past were constructed out of concrete, bricks, and mortar, with wooden cabinetry filling in the vacant spaces.


The size and capacity of your kitchen is built upon what you fundamentally wish your kitchen to be.

Tusker introduced state of the art of vanity cabinets Tusker’s Vanity Cabinets are designed with a sleek,

Tusker’s Vanity Cabinets are surely an escape from every day’s mundanity. Part of your everyday life!



Sonu jaiswal

We are completely satisfied with the stainless steel 304-grade kitchen cabinets. The commitment portrayed by Tusker’s team is commendable and recommend Tusker India for the modular kitchen cabinets

Sonu jaiswal

kitchen pro Gorakhpur


At Tusker India the products I got are noise-free and good-quality material at a reasonable price. The staffs and their simplicity, professionalism and compassion made the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Tusker’s team were very kind to make everything occur as per plan and gave a good end-to-end customer service. Best place to buy stainless steel 304-grade modular kitchen cabinets.


Rajput enterprises Bareilly

Anant Swami

” Scientific precision & hygiene in kitchen cabinetry is best possible in stainless steel. I congratulate TUSKER for effectively filling this void in india & wish them the best to soar globally “

Architect Anant Swami

prinicipal D+ A Architects with over three decades of experience

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At Tuskers, we manufacture Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen that lasts a lifetime. You need not renovate your modular kitchen every 10 years.Enjoy cooking in our next generation kitchen cabinets that are strong, sleek and stylish

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The revolutionary range of modular kitchen cabinets crafted in food grade SS304 by the the latest Laser Cutting and forming machines incorporating the European System 32 method of Cabinet Construction.

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