Image of Green Tick png  Cost-effective, ready-to-assemble cabinet(CKD)

Image of Green Tick png  Highly Durable

Image of Green Tick png  Firm Screw grip

Image of Green Tick png  100% Water Proof

Image of Green Tick png  Rapid Accurate Installation

Image of Green Tick png  Pre Drilled Holes for Functional hardware fitment

Image of Green Tick png  Excellent load bearing Capability

Image of Green Tick png  12 Year Warranty

Image of Green Tick png  Non toxic / Environment Friendly


Costlier-Process of manufacture/wastages

❌ Unpredictable

❌  Wears off

❌  Water Resistant (Claim)

❌  Not Consistent Errors in manual calculation & Fitment

❌  Not comparable

❌ Unknown

❌  Bio degradable threat of Fungus, Bacteria & Pests

Modular Kitchens with Tusker Ready to Assemble (RTA) Modules

Tusker is a Pioneer in Stainless Steel 304 grade ( SS304 ) Kitchen and furniture Modules and is the only company that has developed these Modules over the years,

We now introduce a 2nd series of Modules with Identical Design & features as in the SS304 , with the only objective to reach out to a larger Customer base who have been asking us to develop a solution for lower pricing. Resulting in Low Budget Kitchen

  • Series 1. Stainless Steel ( 304 Grade ) Lasts Lifetime( Expensive due to costs of SS 304)
  • Series 2. Alloy Coated Steel ( ACS ) which lasts for at Least 12 Years…( Economical series latest Developed by Multi National Organizations )

Real time Cost Comparison reveals that ACS is more economical then the traditional wood and Plywood with Longer lasting Qualities. Since wood bends due to weather and also is prone to Pests since it has Cellulose which invites certain pests. There is a continuous emission of Phenol Formal Dehyde from Plywood / Particle / High density fiber Board which is harmful inside the Cabinet.

Few points on both the above series of Tusker Modules-

Made up of predefined sizes of Modules of standard heights and variable widths*
There are generally 5 zones categorized by activity / storage

Area to store Vessels, Crockeries, Cutleries so on
Consumable storage
Storage of Provisions, Vegetables, and associated groceries
Preparing to cook, like collecting vessels and selecting groceries and Cutting vegetables, Dry and wet grinders and so on.
Of vegetable’s, and other groceries before cooking and washing vessels after wards
Area for LPG Stove, Cooking appliances like Oven Microwave, others

Challenges for the carpenter using Plywood

  • To make the cabinet to perfection with right angles
  • Time consuming ( Requires rework if not done properly)
  • Entire project fails if right angles is not maintained and Draws and the Shutters will not work properly,
  • Select the right material to make the cabinets or Modules as they need to last long
  • Measure and drill holes to perfection as the hardware varies
  • A little bit of variance and the functionality of the Mechanism fails
  • Screw Grip weakens if Hardware is dismantled and fitted again
  • Manual errors in fixing of Hardware results in poor functionality
  • Hardware to day has Mechanical tolerances which carpenter might be unaware
  • Time consuming for cabinet installation at site, this is the start and Most Vital factor which determines the Longevity and the final Symmetry of the Kitchen ( Aesthetic )
  • Carpenter generally works three min raw materials for Cabinets, viz. Plywood, Laminate and Adhesive ( There are too many brands and is cumbersome & Confusing to choose)
  • To make the cabinet to perfection with right angles

Advantages for Carpenters / Assemblers / Customers /

Both series of Tusker Cabinets are Ready to Assemble ( RTA ) with instructions

Carpenter has to choose the right Module widths with drilling pattern as per the Hardware specified in the drawing / planning

We at Tusker High light the following salient features of both series of Cabinets

Supply is usually from our Inventory of the selected Engineered cabinets with Predrilled holes for fitting the Hardware to perfection ( RTA )

Tusker Modules are Compatible with almost all the hardware in Modular Kitchen using wood / Plywood other wood composites. Only the Cabinet / Module is made from Metal which enhances the Completed Kitchen

The platform or worktop, cladding of the End cabinets, Draw / Hinged shutters and such others for the Interior Décor is the choice of the Customer, Therefore we call this as a Fusion of Materials.

Provision of a 25 mm hole on the topside of the cabinet for an option of running a LPG gas Pipe to the Hob cabinet, optionally wiring DC wiring can be run also can also be drawn for the internal lighting with LED’s.

Housing the electrical appliances like Ovens OTG and Microwave, Dish-washers, Induction coil stove & others is safe since Metal is non-combustible unlike wood

Provision to join the adjoining Cabinets with Cabinet connecting screws for stability

Modules are to perfection once assembled and the final measurements for the Draw fronts, Shutters and other finishing is easier and the finished Kitchen looks symmetrical.

Modules supplied are strong and robust and will outlast Plywood by leaps and bounds as it does not absorb water from spillage or from the atmosphere and bulge.

Harmful emissions are not there inside the cabinet due to the Metal

Scope is enhanced as Tusker Modules will keep away the Nocturnal Pests like Cockroaches, Lizards, Rodents, Spiders and others like Ants. (Care should be taken to store groceries and residue of food particles)

Both the series Viz. SS 304 and ACS Cabinets do not emit any toxic fumes since it is metal.

Sink Cabinets in ACS series are specially coated to doubly ensure water Protection.

The difference between the SS 304 and the ACS series is only the Metal used which in all humbleness we pass the benefit of cost to our Customers.

Customer over a period of time can change the Functional hardware and the Fronts giving a brand new look to the Kitchen over a period of time.

The predrilled holes have thread Insert wherein the screw can be removed and fitted with no loss of strength

We follow a Universal standard of System 32 Hole pattern and Provide a Threaded Insert of m4 size and screws for this are provided in the Do it Yourself ( DIY ) for the assembly of the cabinet.

M4 screws Have the best grip in the Inserts we provide

Tusker Modules can be Installed Rapidly at site with no noise or Dust ( We quote an example of say 9 cabinets for all Zones of a Kitchen would approximately take a Maximum of three Hours, since all the screws with Instructions are included in the Completely Knocked Down ( CKD ) all that is required is either Screw driver or a hand held power tool with the screw driver bit.

Wastages are Nil when Tusker cabinets are installed; all that is required is to discard the packing material once the Installation is completed.

Holes can be drilled only in the ACS Cabinets if required, would be a very difficult task in SS 304 Cabinets